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No matter where and when you want to move, you should do the following preparation

● Get some information about the place you want to move to, like is there any restrictions for the goods you can take with you.

● Search for a living place for you in the destination and have a proper communication with the landlord at origin,
   do not forget to get a permit for the belongings moving out from the property office of the estate.

● Find a reliable moving company to help you do the move which should move you door to door and help you do all the moving steps from beginning to the end.

● To make sure the documentation materials has been ready for your move, such as your passport, visa, residence card, work permit etc.

● Consider your household items what will go with you, what will leave at the origin house and what will be throw away.

● Collect the things you need for your coming trip before packing. For example, the clothes and shoes , valuable things (cash, jewelry, rings& earrings), passport ,work permit and files related to your move.

● Arrange the leaving time. It’s better to set the leaving date on 2-4 working days after the packing.
   Since we will need your original passport and work permit for the custom clearance.

Hermes’ move procedures

Hermes move procedures

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